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Web Design & Development

Creating smart, innovative, engaging websites is what we do best. We’ll make sure your site not only looks good, but is also easy to manage and use.

Identity & Logo Design

We’re happy to design your logo, but we know your brand is so much more! Crafting a strong visual identity for your organization is critical to your success. We’ll get you there.

User Interface Design

Your users shouldn’t have to think when they use your web application. That’s why we aim to design the most intuitive, simple, and beautifully clean user interface possible.

Data Visualization

Infographics tell a story in a way that words or numbers alone cannot. Transforming data and complicated concepts into compelling visuals, we’ll captivate your users.

Social Media Graphics

Social graphics are a super effective way to engage your audience. We specialize in creating highly captivating graphics that will drive people to action.


Teal Media is a full-service digital design agency.

When you work with us, you’ll be working with a team of real people with real experience and real passion. We absolutely love what we do. We’d like to hear from you. Email us


Jessica Teal


Jessica founded Teal Media following her successful stint as Design Manager for the 2008 Obama presidential campaign. Prior to the campaign, Jessica had worked as lead designer at Blue State Digital, the Democratic National Committee, and the U.S. House of Representatives. Jessica has 13 years of experience in web strategy, design, and development. And, to date, is an undefeated dance-off competitor.


Aruna Mall

Creative Director

For the past 13 years, Aruna has been working within interactive teams to generate big ideas and create digital experiences centered around social engagement, visual clarity and concise mobile integration. She has worked on numerous high-profile websites with clients such as: Healthcare.gov, Greenpeace, Everytown, Wellstone Action, Audi of North America, Nintendo of America, Intel, Microsoft and the History Channel. Her passion is to produce work that is innovative, user-centric, and grounded in usability with measurable results.


Ryan Co

Art Director

Born and raised in the Philippines, Ryan moved to the U.S. 12 years ago after graduating from college. Prior to joining Teal Media, Ryan worked at the Democratic National Committee where he played the lead role in designing the party’s website and creating a mobile canvassing application, among many other projects. Oh, and he digs cheesy 70’s and 80’s soul music.


Jeff Grieve

Senior Designer

Jeff has been designing in various mediums for over 15 years. Originally a print designer, Jeff taught himself HTML, CSS, and Flash in the early 2000s and has been working on the web ever since. Prior to joining Teal Media in 2010, he gained extensive experience designing for the automotive and healthcare sectors. A native of Michigan, Jeff now lives in the Detroit area with his wife and their 2 sons.


Jonah Goodman

Senior Designer

Jonah has been a Washington, DC resident since 2007, and has over a decade of design experience. He came to DC from NYC to work as the lead designer at the Democratic National Committee and support Sen. Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign (spoiler alert: he won). Following several years there he moved on to be a design consultant for numerous advocacy campaigns and most recently worked as senior designer on a UX team at the AAMC. He is an avid distance runner and fan of stylish socks.


Katy Hinz

Senior Designer

Katy brings a unique mash-up of visual creativity and deep analytical thinking to Teal Media. Her passion for sharing great ideas, and for keeping involved in a wide variety of creative pursuits, helps spark the imagination of the entire team. Outside of work, Katy loves to be inspired by beautiful branding, typographic design, yoga, meditation, and anyone who challenges the norm.



Vice President

Every day, Archie inspires the Teal Media team with his go-getter attitude and unconditional support. His passion for fetching socks and chewing bones goes unrivaled. Because being a Vice President can be exhausting, you may find Archie sneaking in a nap on the Teal Media couch during core business hours.


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